2024 Young Scholar Research Projects

May 31, 2024

GRIFFIN, Georgia – Ten Southern Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program 2024 James Harrison Hill, Sr. Young Scholar Enhancement (YES) Grants have been awarded a combined $49,195 throughout the region to engage youth in research processes and encourage their pursuit of college degrees that emphasize sustainable agriculture.

As an extension of SSARE’s Research & Education Grants program, the YES grants allow researchers conducting SSARE-funded projects to hire high school and undergraduate college students to participate in their research program.

Only ongoing SSARE-funded Research and Education Grant project recipients are eligible to apply for the program.

2024 YES Grant awards include:
EDS23-052 Cultivating Sustainable K-12 Agricultural Sciences Pathways through Comm University Partnerships, University of Arkansas

LS22-367 Biological Recycling of Agricultural residues with Mushroom for Multidimensional Use, Virginia State University/

EDS22-38 Internship for Market Farm Assistant Manager and Course Design Tech on the Agriculture Community Education Project, Northeast Texas Community College

LS22-364 Cultivating Future Leaders through the Organic Rice Ratoon Experience for Young Scholars, Texas A&M AgriLife Research

LS22-366 Development of Sustainable Strategies for Managing Bacterial Diseases and Improving Tree Health in the Peach Production System, Clemson University

LS22-368 Diversity at the Farmers Market: Perceptions on the Impact of Identity on Quality of Life and Economic Viability for Vendors and Managers, Emory University

LS22-374 Cover crop inter-seeding in organic corn production to reduce resource inputs and soil disturbance and enhance farm profitability, Clemson University

LS23-377 An immersive young scholar experience to investigate the myology (muscle profile) of meat goat carcasses to improve market value in the Southeast, Mississippi State University

LS23-381 Enhancing student experiential learning experience through vanilla horticulture practice, University of Florida

EDS22-35 Student Research and Extension Experiential Learning in Climate Smart Integrated Pest Management for Underserved Communities, Alcorn State University

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