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Southern SARE welcomes questions or inquiries related to grants, publications, this website, and when seeking general information about sustainable agriculture in the Southern region. For general inquiries on our grants, sustainable agriculture or educational publications, email For more specific questions regarding the SSARE program, contact our staff.

Southern SARE staff

Southern SARE staff, located at the University of Georgia, Fort Valley State University, and the Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture, oversees the day-to-day functions of the SARE program in the Southern region.

Jeff Jordan, SSARE Program Director

Jeff Jordan is the director of Southern SARE and is also a professor in the Department of Agriculture and Applied Economics at the University of Georgia’s Griffin campus.  As the SSARE director, Jeff oversees the entire program, but is especially involved in coordinating the Research and Education Grants and any special grant Calls, such as the Large Systems Grants. He develops the budgets for the overall program, represents the Southern region at the national level and coordinates the activities of the Administrative Council and the SSARE staff.


1109 Experiment St. Room 206, Stuckey Building University of Georgia Griffin Campus Griffin, GA 30223-1731

Ph: (770) 412-4787 

Ian Bennett, Communications Specialist

Ian Bennett is the Communications Specialist for Southern SARE. Ian promotes the SSARE program, its grant opportunities and educational resources through public relations, by creating publications and working with the media to raise awareness. Ian is a member of the SARE Outreach Team and manages the SSARE social media accounts and website. He also develops the annual report, e-newsletter and other regional publications while serving as the SSARE photographer and videographer.  


1109 Experiment St. Room 211, Stuckey Building University of Georgia Griffin Campus Griffin, GA 30223-1731

Ph: (770) 229-3100

Sandra Blackwell, Grants Coordinator

Sandra Blackwell provides a variety of administrative support functions, including but not limited to: Preparing and submitting annual Cooperative Agreements to the USDA for budgeting for approved projects; working on the SARE Professional Development Program; overseeing the on-line proposal system for five grant programs; answering inquiries from various applicants; and tracking each proposal, ensuring they follow UGA and USDA requirements from the time they are awarded until all budget requirements are met and the subcontract has been signed and received.


1109 Experiment St. Room 205, Stuckey Building University of Georgia Griffin Campus Griffin, GA 30223-1731

Ph: (770) 229-3212

Isaac Freeman, Administrative Associate

Isaac Freeman provides a variety of administrative support functions, including but not limited to: Coordinating all accommodations for Administrative Council meetings and Technical Review Committee meetings; scheduling and attending monthly zoom meetings/conference calls of the AC Executive Committee; providing support for the governing body (Administrative Council) for the Southern SARE region; preparing and mailing funded and non-funded announcement letters to SSARE grant applicants and recipients at the end of each grant cycle ; maintaining grant files and storage; downloading various account reports, such as budget, encumbrance, and expenditures, from OneSource PeopleSoft to Excel and manipulating these reports into a useable format for use by the SSARE accountant’s monthly account reconciliation; and coordinating with the SSARE accountant to send fully executed amendments to subaward PIs, their financial personnel, and SSARE staff.


1109 Experiment St., Stuckey Building University of Georgia Griffin, GA 30223

Ph: (770) 229-3420

Amanda Hollar, Administrative Associate I

Amanda Hollar serves as Southern SARE’s accounting technician. She manages forms, processes SSARE travel, processes sponsorship and exhibitor invoices, and handles office mailings and purchase orders. She supports the Associate Accountant where needed.


1109 Experiment St. Room 203, Stuckey Building University of Georgia Griffin Campus Griffin, GA 30223

Ph: 770-412-4787

Candace Pollock-Moore, Assistant Director

As Assistant Director, Candace Pollock-Moore manages the Producer, On-Farm Research and Graduate Student Grant programs. In addition, she maintains the projects database, approves annual and final reports of grant projects, tracks trends in grant funding across all the grant programs, and works with grantees on the progress of their grant project. She also assists the program director and regional staff where appropriate.


1109 Experiment St. Room 207, Stuckey Building University of Georgia Griffin Campus Griffin, GA 30223-1731

Ph: (770) 412-4786

David Redhage, PDP Manager

David Redhage, the agricultural economist for the Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture in Oklahoma, is the program coordinator for Southern SARE Professional Development Program. The Professional Development Program provides sustainable agriculture education and outreach strategies for Cooperative Extension System and Natural Resources Conservation Service staff and other agricultural educators who work directly with farmers and ranchers. David’s responsibilities include coordinating the annual grant process, reviewing and approving final grant reports, and reporting twice a year to the Southern Region SARE Administrative Council. David also oversees the state ag coordinators and their model state programs in the implementation of sustainable agriculture efforts within each Southern SARE state.


Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture 24456 Kerr Road Poteau, OK 74953

Ph: (918) 647-9123

Jami Sealey, Associate Accountant

Jami Sealey provides accounting support for the management of the program with project investigators, accountants in the various universities, and the Kerr Center.  She is responsible for the daily accounting operations of the award management for the SSARE budgets.  Her duties include reconciliation of project budgets, checking and reviewing the contract budgets and allowable expenditures, assisting project investigators for new grants, budgets and invoicing, budget modifications, check requests for payments, and no cost extensions.  She prepares check requests for payments for active Internal Accounts and active subcontracts, including On-Farm, Producer, Research & Education, Professional Development Program, and Graduate Student; State Model Plans; Model State Assistants; and Model State Enhancements.


1109 Experiment St. Room 209, Stuckey Building University of Georgia Griffin Campus Griffin, GA 30223-1731

Ph: (770) 467-6083

Shelley Shipman, SARE PDP Program Assistant

Shelley Shipman serves as the SARE Professional Development Program (PDP) program assistant, based at the Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture in Poteau, OK.


Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture 24456 Kerr Road Poteau, OK 74953

Ph: (918) 647-9123

Paul Vincelli, 1862 Land Grant Liaison

Paul Vincelli, a plant pathologist at University of Kentucky, serves as Southern SARE’s 1862 land grant liaison.

Vincelli serves as lead to the Southern SARE Outreach Team to promote the SARE program among administrators, faculty, staff, and Extension in colleges of agriculture, and other community stakeholders across the region. He also increases collaboration between Southern SARE and the 1862 land grant university partners while working with the 1890 minority and limited-resource outreach specialist on efforts related to historically underserved farmers, ranchers and community stakeholders. Vincelli also collaborates with Southern SARE’s Professional Development Program manager on efforts related to strengthening sustainable agriculture efforts at the state level.


University of Kentucky, 207 Plant Science Building, Lexington, KY 40546

Ph: 859-323-1961

Brennan Washington, 1890 Land Grant Liaison and Limited-Resource/Minority Farmer Outreach Specialist

Brennan Washington works in close liaison with limited-resource/minority outreach farmers and organizations, including NGOs, community groups, and cooperatives across the Southern region, as well as 1890 land-grant institutions in promoting SSARE grants programs, providing sustainable ag educational resources, enhancing quality grant recipients, networking with regional partners, and building new relationships. Brennan travels extensively across the Southern region working with producers, NGOs, and community groups regarding sustainable agriculture.


Fort Valley State University P.O. Box 406 11005 State University Drive Fort Valley, GA 31030

Ph: 770-616-4686