Other Funding

While grants are our primary source of funding support, there are also other programs, scholarships and opportunities that we provide that could be more appropriate for specific situations. Click the headings below to learn more about each non-grant funding support opportunity.

Conference/Event Sponsorship
Sponsorship support for conferences, field days, workshops and other educational events organized by universities, community organizations, NGOs, mentor farmers and other ag professionals. The events can be regional events, as well as national events taking place in the Southern region whose main purpose is to further sustainable agriculture for the benefit of farmers, NGOs, community organizations, researchers and other ag professionals.

Note: Southern SARE sponsorships are closed for 1st quarter 2024 (January-April). Subscribe to our newsletter and stay connected by social media to receive the announcement of when they re-open.

Travel Scholarships

SSARE offers funds for travel to conferences where information may be imparted or gained for sustainable agriculture. Individuals requesting travel scholarship funds for personal attendance to an event to gain knowledge / skill for use in training others should contact the SSARE State Coordinator in their state or region.

Sustainable Agriculture Leadership Program

Sustainable Agriculture Leadership Program Logo

Operated by SSARE's Equity and Prosperity Committee, champions the leadership contributions of these groups and individuals by providing a small amount of sponsorship funds to support sustainable agriculture education and training activities throughout the Southern region. The purpose of the program is to enhance the resiliency, strength and vivacity of farmer and ranchers, particularly historically underserved audiences. Deadline: January 8, 2024