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Cattle grazing on news cover-crops-incorporated-into-rotational-grazing-improves-soil-health

Cover Crops Incorporated into Rotational Grazing Improves Soil Health

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana – Over-seeding a diverse cool-season cover crop mix into a rotationally grazed warm-season grass pasture appears to improve soil health, especially when the system is managed over a longer period of time. In a limited study, funded by a Southern Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education (SSARE) Graduate Student Grant, Louisiana State University […]

birds flying over rice news low-external-input-sustainable-agriculture-provides-environmental-benefits-and-economic-gains-in-rice-production

Low-external-input Sustainable Agriculture Provides Environmental Benefits and Economic Gains in Rice Production

STARKVILLE, Mississippi – Rice, for all of its importance as a global food staple, can have a number of environmental tradeoffs. Intensively managed, the crop can put a strain on natural resources, particularly soil and water. But a more sustainable production system may enhance environmental quality at an economic gain for the farmer, based on […]

Frog Song news university-of-florida-researchers-expanding-the-cover-crop-toolbox-for-farmers

University of Florida Researchers Expanding the Cover Crop Toolbox for Farmers

HAWTHORNE, Florida – Several new cover crop varieties that have the potential to overcome the limitations of their commercial counterparts are being targeted for use in Florida to provide farmers with a more diverse selection of plants that excel in soil health, weed suppression and pest management. A small group of farmers, Extension agents and […]

Cool-season vegetable bulletin news new-university-of-georgia-bulletin-focuses-on-cool-season-organic-vegetable-production

New University of Georgia Bulletin Focuses on Cool-Season Organic Vegetable Production

ATHENS, Georgia – In the Southeast, where pests, diseases and weed pressures in the summer make organic vegetable production difficult, more efficient productivity and profitability may be found in shifting cash crop production to the fall. Cool-season vegetable production, combined with warm-season cover crop rotations for soil health, can set growers up for successful production […]

planting cover crops in the Texas High news in-drought-stricken-texas-researchers-are-finding-water-conservation-solutions-in-cover-crops

In Drought-stricken Texas, Researchers are Finding Water Conservation Solutions in Cover Crops

LUBBOCK, Texas – In the Texas High Plains, a region where the water-depleting Ogallala Aquifer endangers productive agriculture, and hot, arid winds erode soils and rob them of nutrients, cover crops offer a useful option to livestock producers. In a two-year graduate student study at Texas Tech University, funded through the Southern Sustainable Agriculture Research […]

St. Croix news agriculture-in-u-s-virgin-islands-challenging-but-prevailing-with-sustainable-agriculture-practices

Agriculture in U.S. Virgin Islands Challenging, But Prevailing with Sustainable Agriculture Practices

CHRISTIANSTED, St. Croix – For months, a 14,000-gallon water tank has been sitting on its side in the middle of Frederick Miller’s Moringa tree orchard. Winds from Hurricane Maria had rolled the tank down the hillside of his farm, and he still hasn’t figured out yet how he’s going to move it. Yvette and Dale […]

Ricardo St. Aime and Sruthi Narayanan observing cover crops in soybean news cover-crops-do-not-deplete-stored-water-in-the-soil-profile-clemson-researchers-find

Cover Crops Do Not Deplete Stored Water in the Soil Profile, Clemson Researchers Find

CLEMSON, South Carolina – Among the myriad of benefits cover crops provide to a row crop or vegetable operation, Clemson University researchers have found another one: Cover crops do not deplete water stored in the soil profile, thus preserving the precious resource for the cash crop – an all important function, specifically in times of […]

Furrow guidance news prototype-farm-machine-expands-applications-in-organic-vegetable-crop-production

Prototype Farm Machine Expands Applications in Organic Vegetable Crop Production

LEXINGTON, Kentucky – University of Kentucky researchers have designed, built and tested a low-cost, mechanized system for organic vegetable production to help small-scale growers reduce their labor costs, increase their scale of operations, reduce input costs and increase production compared to conventional organic production practices. In a Southern Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SSARE) On-Farm […]

Lola's Organic news cover-crops-effective-in-controlling-bermudagrass-in-organic-production

Cover Crops Effective in Controlling Bermudagrass in Organic Production

GLENWOOD, Georgia – Bermudagrass may be popular among homeowners in the Southeast, but it is widely loathed by vegetable producers – especially those in organic production. As a turfgrass, bermudagrass is valued for its durability, vigorous growth and tolerance to extreme weather conditions. But those characteristics also make it an obnoxious weed. Spreading rapidly by […]

Lettuce growing in crop rows news intensive-crop-rotations-with-cover-crops-give-a-boost-to-high-value-cash-crops-in-organic-production

Intensive Crop Rotations with Cover Crops Give a Boost to High-Value Cash Crops in Organic Production

ATHENS, Georgia – University of Georgia researchers developing a model for organic vegetable production in the Southeast have found success incorporating summer cover crops with high-value cool-season crops in a series of rotations that increase yields, control insects and diseases, improve crop quality and build soil biomass. The systems approach, say the researchers, can be […]

Dickcissel bird perched on stop of a thin branch looking to the news native-warm-season-grasses-diversify-livestock-grazing-support-biodiversity

Native Warm Season Grasses Diversify Livestock Grazing/Support Biodiversity

MISSISSIPPI STATE, Mississippi – Native warm season grasses excel over more traditional commercial grass varieties when it comes to grazing livestock and promoting wildlife conservation, based on the results of a two-year Mississippi State University agroecology study. The study, funded by a Southern Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education (SSARE) Graduate Student grant, compared native warm […]

white clover growing in a news uga-researcher-studying-durana-white-clover-as-living-mulch-in-corn-fields

UGA Researcher Studying Durana White Clover as Living Mulch in Corn Fields

TIFTON, Georgia -- Adding nitrogen to fertilize their crop is a substantial expense corn farmers have to consider when calculating their bottom line. A University of Georgia scientist hopes to help lower that cost by planting clover and corn together. With a $224,000 grant from the Southern Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program, UGA researcher […]