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Lettuce growing in crop rows news intensive-crop-rotations-with-cover-crops-give-a-boost-to-high-value-cash-crops-in-organic-production

Intensive Crop Rotations with Cover Crops Give a Boost to High-Value Cash Crops in Organic Production

ATHENS, Georgia – University of Georgia researchers developing a model for organic vegetable production in the Southeast have found success incorporating summer cover crops with high-value cool-season crops in a series of rotations that increase yields, control insects and diseases, improve crop quality and build soil biomass. The systems approach, say the researchers, can be […]

Dickcissel bird perched on stop of a thin branch looking to the news native-warm-season-grasses-diversify-livestock-grazing-support-biodiversity

Native Warm Season Grasses Diversify Livestock Grazing/Support Biodiversity

MISSISSIPPI STATE, Mississippi – Native warm season grasses excel over more traditional commercial grass varieties when it comes to grazing livestock and promoting wildlife conservation, based on the results of a two-year Mississippi State University agroecology study. The study, funded by a Southern Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education (SSARE) Graduate Student grant, compared native warm […]

white clover growing in a news uga-researcher-studying-durana-white-clover-as-living-mulch-in-corn-fields

UGA Researcher Studying Durana White Clover as Living Mulch in Corn Fields

TIFTON, Georgia -- Adding nitrogen to fertilize their crop is a substantial expense corn farmers have to consider when calculating their bottom line. A University of Georgia scientist hopes to help lower that cost by planting clover and corn together. With a $224,000 grant from the Southern Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program, UGA researcher […]