Biomass Energy Training Curriculum

Southern SARE

The University of Tennessee, Tennessee State University, and USDA-Rural Development developed training curriculum on biomass energy for Extension agents and local officials so that they may deliver this information to their stakeholders. While it is written as a training guide for TN, much of the information is applicable throughout the Southeastern US region.

The Biomass Energy Training Curriculum for each topic area includes:

  • Lesson Guide with Learning Objectives and information notes for each presentation slide.
  • Slide presentation
  • Factsheet and other educational materials
  • Questions which can be used to test participants’ knowledge at the end of the presentation. This can be combined with clickers to improve audience engagement and create discussion
  • Evaluation of the presentation.

Curriculum sections include: introduction to biomass energy, on-farm biodiesel production, native warm-season grasses for bioenergy and forage production, and soil health.

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