SARE Funded Projects


Southern SARE offers grant opportunities to individuals and institutions in the Southern region. Below is a list of presently funded SARE projects in Texas. To find a complete list of reports on previously funded projects in Texas, search the Project Database. Reading through some of the project reports can help you understand the types of projects SARE funds before you submit a grant yourself.

Large Systems Grants

LS17-286 Long-term Agroecosystems Research and Adoption in the Texas Southern High Plains - Phase III

Research and Education Grants

LS20-343 Toward Culturally Responsive Disaster Management for Limited-Resource Producers: The role of person, place and professional agencies

LS20-341 Assessing Water Use Efficiency, Soil Health, and Pollinators Within a Transition from Irrigation to Dryland Management in the Texas High Plains

LS19-313 Organic and Conventional Agriculture: Learning from Each Other to Promote Soil Health and Economic Viability in West Texas

LS19-312 Regional Food Transportation for Texas Farmers

LS18-288 A Southern Regional Water Conference to Improve Producer Adoption of Sustainable Water Management Practices

LS17-283 Developing Organic Cropping Systems for Grain Production in Texas

LS17-277 Indicators and Soil Conservation Practices for Soil Health and Carbon Sequestration

Professional Development Program Grants

ES20-151 Beekeeping Curriculum and Training for Texas Agricultural Extension Agents and 4-H Youth Leaders

ES19-147 Training Texas County Extension Agents and Mentor Ranchers to Improve Small Ruminant Health and Productivity Through Natural Genetic Selection Strategies

ES18-142 Promotion and Adoption of Sustainable Agriculture Practices in Texas: Training the Trainers

Producer Grants

FS19-312 Tagasaste: A new feed source for West Texas

FS18-306 Subsoiling: An affordable and effective water and soil conservation strategy

On-Farm Research Grants

OS20-139 Incorporating Native Plants in Insectary Strips to Promote Insect Diversity and Below Ground Beneficial Microbes

OS20-138 Strategic Management of Legume Cover-Forage Crops to Optimize Utility in a Challenging Environment

OS19-131 Advancing the Frontier of Legume Cover Crops and Building Integrated System Resilience in Semi-arid West Texas

OS19-128 Sustainable Pasture Management in Texas: Optimizing forage production and nutrient use in various environments and soils

OS18-121  Integrating Cover Crops as Potential Weed and Pest Management Strategy in Organic Vegetable Farms in South Texas

OS18-119 Supporting Alternative Crop Options Through Improved Fertility Recommendations for Canola in Central and South Texas

Graduate Student Grants

GS19-211 Roadblocks to Success: Needs assessment of small producers in Texas

GS19-209 Improving Resilience, Sustainability and Nutritional Properties of Specialty Crops Using Composted Spent Coffee Grounds

GS19-198 The Success of Organic and Other Sustainable Dual-purpose Wheat Systems Depend on Access to Adapted Varieties

GS18-196 Effects of Cumulative Cattle Trampling on Soil Bulk Density and Infiltration of Rain Water on an Annual Forage Crop Pasture

GS18-179 Developing Suitable Cover Crop Systems for South Texas: Evaluating different late-summer and winter cover crop species