SARE Funded Projects


Southern SARE offers grant opportunities to individuals and institutions in the Southern region. Below is a list of presently funded SARE projects in Texas. To find a complete list of reports on previously funded projects in Texas, search the Project Database. Reading through some of the project reports can help you understand the types of projects SARE funds before you submit a grant yourself.

Research and Education Grants

LS22-375 Sheep Integration for Diverse and Resilient Organic Cotton Systems

LS22-373 Converting to Alternative Annual and Perennial Forage-based Systems for Sustainable Grazing in Semi-arid Environments

LS22-372 Sustainable Soil Resource Management and Produce Marketing on Resource-limited Urban Farms

LS22-371 Evaluating Cover Crops for Weed Reduction Throughout the Southern States

LS22-364 Development of Sustainable Organic Rice Ratoon Production Systems in the Southern US

LS21-345 Soil for Water

LS20-343 Toward Culturally Responsive Disaster Management for Limited-Resource Producers: The role of person, place and professional agencies

LS20-341 Assessing Water Use Efficiency, Soil Health, and Pollinators Within a Transition from Irrigation to Dryland Management in the Texas High Plains

Education Grants

EDS23-048 Field Day Trainings to Enhance Sheep Health and Productivity

EDS22-38 Development and Implementation of the Agriculture Community Education (ACE) On-line Learning Modules for Northeast Texas Limited Resource Producers

Professional Development Program Grants

SPDP23-017 Modernizing Our Roots: Sustainable range and pasture result demonstrations to encourage local education and adoption

SPDP22-10 Certificate Program for Sustainable Cotton Production for County Agents

SPDP22-09 Carbon Farm Planning to Promote Sustainable Agriculture in Texas

SPDP21-06 Sustainable Aquatic Habitat Management on Agricultural Lands

Producer Grants

FS23-348 Increasing Financial Sustainability on the Farm by Employing Moringa as a Drought Tolerant, Cost-reducing Lamb Feed Supplement

FS22-338 New Design of Two Queen Horizontal Honey Bee Hive Bases for Commercial and Small Scale Beekeeping Operations

On-Farm Research Grants

OS23-165 Hi-A Corn and Management Practices for Nutritional and Food and Feed

OS23-162 Assessing Impacts of Grazing Management on Pollinator Conservation in Rangeland

OS22-156 Promoting Water Sustainable Agriculture by Combining In-situ Soil Moisture and Remote Sensing Data for Irrigation Scheduling

Graduate Student Grants

GS22-273 Native Texas Perennial Bunchgrass for Bioenergy Feedstock and Ruminant Nutrition

GS22-261 Climate Change Impacts on the U.S. Livestock Sector and Possible Adaptations

GS22-260 Quantifying the Risks of Pesticide Exposure to Squash Bee Behavior and Pollination Services

GS21-251 Effectiveness of Tarping and Tillage as Weed Management Strategies in South Texas

GS21-248 African America Absentee Landowners in Houston and Their Knowledge of Rural Land Ownership Conservation Practices: A needs assessment

GS21-241 Harnessing the Wild Relatives of Rice for Novel Adaptive Phenotypes: Genetics and breeding for agricultural sustainability beyond the Green Revolution

GS20-226 Comparing the Effects of Forage Mix and Nutrient Management on Soil Greenhouse Gas Flux in Semi-arid Improved Pastures