SARE Funded Projects

Southern SARE offers grant opportunities to individuals and institutions in the Southern region. Below is a list of presently funded SARE projects in Kentucky. To find a complete list of reports on previously funded projects in Kentucky, search the Project Database. Reading through some of the project reports can help you understand the types of projects SARE funds before you submit a grant yourself.

Research and Education Grants

LS19-319 Development of Local Small Grain Value Chains for Kentucky and the Mid-South

Education Grants

EDS21-27 Principles of Soil Health in a Variety of Market Farming Frameworks: Best Practices from the Field with Experienced Regenerative Farmers

Professional Development Program Grants

SPDP21-05 Creating a Specialty Crop Sustainable Production Community of Practice for Kentucky Agriculture Professionals

SPDP21-02 Learning About Equity and Inclusion in the Food System Through a Storytelling Curriculum and Training for 4H Agents and Middle School Agriculture Teachers

ES20-158 Helping Agricultural Professionals and Mentoring Farmers to Train Previously Unreached Farmers About Sustainable Agriculture

On-Farm Research Grants

OS22-157 Yaks Add Farm Diversification

Producer Grants

FS21-335 Development of AI for Yak Semen and the Potential Economic Benefits to Southern Region Yak, Small Acreage Farmers and Beef Producers