SARE Funded Projects

Southern SARE offers grant opportunities to individuals and institutions in the Southern region. Below is a list of presently funded SARE projects in Florida. To find a complete list of reports on previously funded projects in Florida, search the Project Database. Reading through some of the project reports can help you understand the types of projects SARE funds before you submit a grant yourself.

Research and Education Grants

LS20-342 Enhancing Hedgerow Systems in Fruit Tree Production to Improve Beneficial Insect Diversity and Abundance

LS30-334 Optimizing Nutrient and Water Management for Organic Mixed Vegetable Production Systems

LS19-315 Enhancing Seed Production of Regionally Adapted Crops in the Southeastern Farmers Seed System

LS19-308 Harnessing Microbes for Sustainable Food Production

LS18-302 Educational Materials for Cover Crop Adoption and Use in the Subtropics and Tropics

LS18-297 Shade and Ground Cover Growing Systems for Tea Production in Florida

LS18-291 Managing Plant-parasitic Nematodes and Promoting Beneficial Soil Organisms Through Sod-based Crop Rotation

Graduate Student Grants

GS19-210 Toward the Development of a Push-pull Strategy to Control Whiteflies in Florida Vegetables

GS19-206 Developing Efficient Probiotics for Microbiota of Diarrhea-resistant Livestock

GS19-203 Evaluation of Cladosporium cladosporioides and its Extracts for the Management of Pathogenic Bipolaris Species

GS19-199 Sustainable Strategies to Combat the Papaya Ringspot Virus

GS18-195 Elucidating the Effects of Organic vs. Conventional Cropping Practice and Rhizobia Inoculation on Peanut Yield and Rhizosphere Microbial Diversity

GS18-191 Developing Attract and Reward Strategy to Control Thrips and Whiteflies in Florida Tomato

GS18-184 Evaluation of Biopesticides for Managing Silverleaf Whitefly in Tomatoes in Florida

GS18-181 Integrated Weed Management for Long-term Nutsedge Control and Its Economic Impact in Florida Vegetable Production

GS17-178 Overcoming Microclimate Challenges to Improve Organic Spinach Production in Florida

GS17-170 Companion Planting of Native Insectary Plants to Benefit Crop Plants: The promotion of beneficial insects in agricultural communities via trophic resource enhancement

On-Farm Research Grants

OS20-137 Combining Non-crop Habitat and Semichemical Lures to Increase Natural Enemy Recruitment and Retention in Florida Vegetable Crops

OS20-135 On-farm Evaluation of an Innovative Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation Practice for Improving Organic Carrot Production in North Florida

OS20-132 Fertilizer Mismanagement Impacts on Pasture Health

Producer Grants

FS20-323 Evaluating Mobile Slaughter Access for Producers and Local Partners

FS19-319 Sweet Potatoes and Their Vines: A Nutritional and Sustainable Alternative for Food and Livestock Feed

FS19-317 Analysis of the Antioxidant Qualities of Flowers and Fruits of Several Commercial Varieties of Sambucus nigra ssp. Canadensis (The North American Black Elderberry) in Florida

FS19-314 Season Extension and Increased Economic Sustainability for South Florida Growers: Using High Tunnels to Extend Tomato Production