SARE Funded Projects

Southern SARE offers grant opportunities to individuals and institutions in the Southern region. Below is a list of presently funded SARE projects in Alabama. To find a complete list of reports on previously funded projects, search the Projects Database. Reading through some of the project reports can help you understand the types of projects SARE funds before you submit a grant yourself.

Research and Education Grants

LS23-385 Reducing the Environmental Impact of Beef Production Through the Use of Naturally Occurring Secondary Plant Metabolites in Southeastern Forage Systems

LS23-383 Grazing Diversified Cover Crops as an Alternative to Improve Land-use Efficiency and Sustainability in the Southeast

Education Grants

EDS22-42 Southern Farmer Leadership Fellowship for Farmer-led Racial Equity and Sustainability Projects in the South

Professional Development Program Grants

SPDP23-018 Sustainable Marketing Strategies to Enhance the Value of Weaned Beef Calves Marketed by Socially and Economically Disadvantaged Small Producers

SPDP21-04 Development of a Forage Establishment and Management Curriculum for Extension Agents and Mentor Farmers

Graduate Student Grants

GS22-265 Supporting Peach Growers with a Phenological Approach for Best Management Practices

GS22-257 Farmer Profitability and Willingness to Accept Payment to Adopt Cover Crops in Alabama

GS21-246 Supporting an Emerging Industry: Developing a broccoli crop model to guide growers with sustainable decision-making

On-Farm Research Grants

OS22-154 Harvest Management and Genotype Effects on Sunn Hemp Forage as Cover Crop to Improve Sustainable Beef Cattle Production in Southeastern USA

OS20-136 Validation of a Spotted Wing Drosophila Growing Degree Day Model for the Southeast for Sustainable Blueberry Production

Producer Grants

FS22-343 Project Urban Mushrooms on Mimosa Wood

FS21-333 Development of the East Alabama Black Belt Farmers' Market and the Black Belt Brand of Sustainable Agriculture Products