2021 Young Scholar Enhancement Grant Projects

The James Harrison Hill, Sr. Young Scholar Enhancement Grant Program is an extension of SSARE’s Research & Education Grants program, which allows researchers conducting SSARE-funded projects to partner with high school and undergraduate students on sustainable agriculture research.

The first James Harrison Hill, Sr. Young Scholar Enhancement Grants were awarded in 2013 with the goal to engage youth in the research process and encourage the pursuit of college degrees emphasizing sustainable agriculture. In 2021, three young scholars were selected for the program. A digital copy of their research posters can be found below.

LS20-332: Silvopasture for Poultry Production with Outdoor Access: Impact on animal welfare, economic, and environmental parameters: Although silvopasture systems offer many potential benefits, they have received little study in a poultry context, and even less extension and outreach effort. The project will contribute knowledge for family farm poultry systems, both on a large and small-scale, by providing information on how to improve profitability and stability. This project will also quantify animal welfare, economic and environmental benefits of poultry silvopastures and promote their adoption.

LS19-316: Forage Establishment and Management in Arkansas’ Silvopasture for Small Beef Producers: The objective of this study was to examine how basal area and vegetation type affect root structure and soil health with the hypothesis that basal area and vegetation type significantly affect below ground productivity

LS18-300: Extending Roots of Fresh Stop Markets Across the Southeast Region: This project aims to expand Fresh Stop Markets (FSMs), developed by the New Roots, as a mechanism that enables farmers to achieve both agricultural sustainability and social justice in the food system across the Southeast region