2013 Young Scholar Enhancement Grant Projects

With attached research posters

LS10-226: Short Life in Sustainability; YSE Scholar Tyler Higgins; Appalachian State University. The objectives of the YSE project included experiencing practical hands-on learning in integrated agricultural systems; investigating the impact on microbial status of eggs of integrating poultry with cattle operations; developing enterprise budgets for integrated livestock systems; and developing outreach materials.

LS10-231: Weed Management and Nematode Communities in Organic Coffee Farms of Puerto Rico; YSE Scholar Nydia L. Mejias; University of Puerto Rico. The objective of the YSE project included evaluating the effectiveness of different organic weed management practices in established organic CAFS and coffee farms transitioning to organic CAFS; and determining the effect of different organic weed management practices on the ecosystem service of soil nematode diversity conservation.

LS11-241: Formulation Development to Increase Nematode Efficacy in Suppression of the Lesser Peachtree Borer, Synanthedon pictipes; YSE Scholar Rickola Smith; USDA-ARS. The overall goal of the project was to develop a non-toxic formulation to protect beneficial insect-killing nematodes from ultraviolet radiation and/or desiccation to increase efficacy in suppression of the lesser peachtree borer and other insects that attack above-ground crops.

LS12-249: Learning Experience of Organic Rice Production; YSE Scholar Garrett Floyd; Texas A&M University. Floyd assisted in the project by conducting gas and water samplings of organic rice farms, as well as conducted vial preparations, field sampling and laboratory operations.

LS12-250: Extending the Market Season with High Tunnel Technology for Organic Fruit Production: an internship and apprenticeship for sustainable horticulture; YSE Scholar Kat Ginsberg; University of Arkansas. Ginsberg managed an experiment on the effects of shade on primocane blackberry growth, flowering, and yield in field conditions. Shade was used as a management tool to delay flowering and to improve fruit quality in a high temperature and high solar radiation environment.

LS12-251: Internship on Mapping Sustainable Farm Systems: An experiential introduction to sustainable agriculture; YSE Scholar Spencer Shanholtz; University of Kentucky, Virginia Tech, University of Tennessee. Shanholz researched the "sense of place" for the study area by compiling and organizing geospatial data, transcribing farmer focus group discussions, participating in a farm observation walk, and putting together a preliminary system dynamics of a sustainable agriculture operation.