Reimbursement Paid Directly to an Organization

If reimbursement is being paid directly to an organization due to one or more individuals attending an event as representatives of that organization, the following documents are required:

  • An invoice on the organization’s letterhead.
  • The UGA Supplier Form (completed online at
  • A copy of the Southern SARE Scholarship Travel Expense Statement, or an itemized list of each traveler’s name and expenses.
  • Enclose all original receipts (except for meals and mileage). It is requested that receipts be taped to an 8.5 X 11 sheet of paper to prevent loss. All receipts must be in the name of the attendee. NOTE: Meals are not included in travel scholarship reimbursements without prior SSARE approval. Mileage rates are reimbursed at 56 cents per mile.
  • If meals have been pre-approved, refer to the SARE Scholarship Travel Guidelines to calculate your reimbursement.
  • A copy of the event agenda, or event flyer showing the name, location and dates of the event.

The documents and original receipts must be mailed. E-mails requesting travel reimbursement with attached forms and receipts will not be accepted. Mail the travel reimbursement packet to:

Tydaisha White
Southern SARE
University of Georgia – Griffin Campus
1109 Experiment St.
Stuckey Building, Room 203
Griffin, GA 30223-1731

We recommend you make copies of the forms and receipts for your files.

NOTE: Per University of Georgia policy, only hotels/motels are allowable lodging establishments for reimbursement. Businesses, such as Airbnb, Vrbo, HomeAway, condos/townhomes, or similar vacation rentals are not allowable lodging services. International travel is not allowed.