What Can Be: Regional Food Systems

A video story from Warren County, NC

Southern SARE

This video outlines the economic redevelopment project of Working Landscapes in Warrenton, North Carolina, telling the story of two rural leaders who moved home to Warren County to contribute to their local economy by building a small processing center. The video focuses on this project as an example of the larger regional context of food system development, and brings in experts from UNC’s School of Government to discuss the economic impacts of building regional food systems.

The video was developed as a project product of a Southern SARE Research & Education Grant (LS12-248), "Quantifying the Multiplier Effect: What sustainable local food systems can mean to local communities." A statewide survey of farmers based on region, economic tier, and variety of agricultural types was conducted, taking into account differences in farming systems, differences in supply chains, differences in crops, and differences in farm size. The results highlight the unique position North Carolina is in with regards to using local foods as a driver for economic development.

Local and regional governments are invited and encouraged to use this video in their own agricultural economic development efforts with appropriate credits! With questions about the video, please contact Robyn Stout, NC 10% Campaign Coordinator, at [email protected].

What Can Be [Excerpt] from Vittles on Vimeo.

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